Jan 23, 2011

Historic FSV Team gets the AWARD...!

A job well done, and that is by all.... Thank you VARA, Thank you MOTUL, Thank you Acevedo Tire service, Thank you Steve and John, and a

Dec 26, 2010

Willow Springs International Raceway, The Last Race of 2010

Willow Springs is located in the high desert. And just like when we came here at the beginning of the season the car would not idle well. Even with very low temp. the carburetion was off. The car would run well at above 5000 rpm, buy I could not let it go below. Steve Millard did not have luck this yr and here was the same. The weather was cold, windy, and unforgiving. But we came to race so we had to make the car better. And Frank did. Sunday race was a lot of fun and (i am told) the Motul RT 5 was on the speakers as had a great race with a Formula Continental. For a few laps we keep passing each other and I forgot how cold I was inside the car!. We finished 3 overall in the Formula Class and earn another Checkered flag. Now we lead in points. We do this for fun, but still it brings joy to all that participate to lead a championship. Look at the faces! Great racing year. Thank you MOTUL, ODYSSEY BATTERIES, SOUTHBAY TRUCK CENTER, ACEVEDO TIRES & ROAD SERVICE, Auto A Fondo Radio, and a big hug to Frank Alvis (FRANK ALVIS MOTORSPORTS)

Frank Alvis Motorsports, Whittier, CA

Franks does a superb job with race cars and people. As a driver instructor for NASCAR and as a mechanic for many NASCAR teams his attitude is unparalleled. We are very lucky to have him on our side. In his shop we always find Maserati, Ferrari, and big Muscle cars. For the last race of the year we took the car to Whittier and went through it to make sure we have no surprises. After a full seasjavascript:void(0)on, we could not afford a mechanical breakdown. We went home at midnight!

SuperVees at Las Vegas, NV. VARA Week-end

VARA announced double points for this event, so we needed to be there. With a big storm on the way the day was cold. This track is challenging and since I have not driven it since 2006 i have to admit I was "rusty". It didn't help that its were I lost the championship in 2006 with my MG B for a mechanical problem that turned to be a battery terminal clamp! Steve Millard was fast as usual and kind (like all true champions) to share his "line" through 9-10-11. It worked as I was able to run within a second from his time. Unfortunately his engine started a knock and he did not want to risk the damage. Frank suggested we run as much as possible and test set ups. So we did and the car (or me?) got better. Because Steve's problems we had an easy win (but a win none the less...!) Las vegas also created a different ambiance as our "pit crew" seemed to be a bit...sleepy? in a time when "don't ask, don't tell" and "what's done in Vegas stays in Vegas", I couldn't even find out why the crew was late.... ; )

Sometimes work get on the way...

With the economy turning around work is coming back and "vintage racing" takes second place on the priority list. So when Las Vegas race came around we were not sure we could put the car together until Thursday nigth...(photo around 9 pm!)

OKTOBER FEST at ButtonWillow, CA

We went back to ButtonWillow, a track that is challenging and this time very fast! From turn 5 to 6 (Talladega Sweeper) the cars reached close to 170 mph and you take it flat! Vincent Tjelmeland Ralt RT 5 was very well prepared, and since he is a champion it made a quick time early on. Steve Millard Ralt RT 5 followed, but later on would hit an electrical problem that marred his week-end. Ricardo RT 5 run well and stayed closed to these 2 "vintage" champs. By the end of the week end Vincent Tjelmeland took the checkered flag home, his car looking and sounded great.

Victory Lane publishes race report (yes, a SuperVee race report..!)

They say it couldn't be done, not enough audience....
On full page race report on a national magazine proves that yes there are still a lot of people that remembers these cars, the series, and drivers.
Thank you Victory Lane, Thank you teams and "drivers". Lets get all the cars out again soon.
(If you want a copy contact me)

SuperVee at Whittier Narrows Truck Show

Part of being in a "team" is to work together. Alone we can only do so much, but with friends there are no limits. The RALT RT 5 took part of the Truckers Show and was displayed at South Bay Truck Center booth. Thank to Ciara! who patiently and with a big smile took over 100 photos with South Bay Truck Center clients!!!
Lots of people ask a lot of questions about the cars and where they run. So if there is an opportunity lets share the cars with the people. Ricardo

Jul 4, 2010

First MOTUL-Historic Formula SuperVee Cup!

The first MOTUL-Historic Formula SuperVee race took place in the world class AAA-California Speedway in Fontana, CA. As part of the Formula Class race group organized by HSR West (Historic Sport Car Racing www.hsrwest-race.com). There were 8 Supervee's cars on track. Lots of spectators asked about the cars and many had very good memories of the pro series. Dennis Firestone March looked beautiful but unlike his championship season his engine had some problem that could not be resolved before the race. A real shame. Damian Della-Santina run Richard Wilkinson's proven Ralt. Richard promised to run the next event too perhaps with his "Valvoline" car or the March. A car that has been restored and looked better than new is Dave Dowskin's Ralt. The 1992 ex- Roger Penske Jr and Davy Jones is a pleasure to see and hear (although on track it misfired at times and made Dave "work" all Sat and Sun before the race to find the problem). Paul Lisec again showed everyone that 2 carburetors can work as well as any injection system. His first generation Ralt is fast (and he can drive too!)Dino Dioguardi's yellow Ralt was very fast on the long Fontana oval straight. I did have lots of fun with the ex-Tony George Red Ralt trying to pass him on the twisty infield, but even as close as we were at the end I didn't. The "all-black" Martini's MK50 that Joe Hardin brought to Fontana seemed very fast but on Sat one car had a problem and Joe and Friends switched engines from one car to another overnight (talk about getting serious on results). Unfortunately something may have been loose as oil started to leak out on the start of the race and Joe pulled into the side road before his oil hit the track (THANK YOU JOE). His week-end was a busy one with all the work on the cars.
Every one received a goodie-bag from MOTUL Lubricants, although we said only the top 3 would get it. Thank you Joey Cabrera / MOTUL. So there you have it. Eight cars for this event was great. So now pass the word and have fellow "superVees" join us at an upcoming event. THANK YOU ALL for the sportsmanship and support. LETS KEEP THE WATER COOLED cars running....!
Un-official Results, we do this for fun, ;)....!
1-Damian Della-Santina / Ralt RT5 #7
2-Paul Lisec / Ralt RT1 #59
3-Dino Dioguardi / Ralt RT5 #18
4-Ricardo Rodriguez / Ralt RT5 #4 (ex-Tony George)javascript:void(0)
5- Dave Dowskin / Ralt RT5 #9 (ex-Davy Jones)
6-Joe Hardin / Martini MK50 #40 (ex-Scott Liebler)
7-Dennis Firestone / March 793 #1 (Dennis' 1979 Championship winning car)
8-Joe Hardin / Martini MK50 #40T (yes a T car!)
Stay "tuned" for the next event before the year end!
Call me 562-761-1999 or email ricardo@autoafondo.com for more information.

HFSV / MOTUL team at HSR's Fontana Event

Joey Cabrera/MOTUL USA showed full support of the team and assembled a great pit space. Fellow racers were glad they could find some MOTUL 600 brake fluid (the best!)at the track.The flags added some international flair, specially since Ricardo is from Argentina, Frank from Colombia, Joey Mexican-American, etc. I know... we could not find a French flag! THANK YOU OLIVIER....We missed you !

Motul Gets a Thank You

Ricardo presented MOTUL a photograph with the results of the 3 first outings of the team. Joey Cabrera promised to frame it and display it at MOTUL headquarters. In the photo are Ricardo Rodriguez (driver) Joey Cabrera (MOTUL) and Frank Alvis (Crew chief)

Jun 20, 2010

A Visitor with F1 dna....

The Honda FIT may be a compact, but the engine revs pretty quick. Remember the Senna - Prost days and the V10 Honda. This week i will be "testing" the 5 door Honda Fit for some media outlets. Honda engines have benefited from their involvement in motorsports and each engime model have the high revving characteristic of racing engines. Visit my other sites for the review. Anyway we started talking F1 and the F3 is ALMOST ready. Come and join us at Fontana Speedway this June 26-27 for the Historic Sportcar Festival.
check www.hsrwestrace.com for event info.
check www.honda.com for Honda Fit info.... ;) !!!!


May 29, 2010

Time to Rebuild !!!

The biggest motorsport week-end in America. And if we are not racing... well we are working on the car! Westcoast Battery and Odyssey Batteries join the Historic Formula SuperVee team. The Ralt is all apart for a mid-season "review". A few little things, but overall the car is still in great shape. Join us at Fontana Speedway June 25-27, 2010.

May 7, 2010

Race 3 ButtonWillow May

I was worried since our last race since we had problems that could not be found. But the car, other than a high idle, run perfect here. I wish I could say the same about the driver. Spin on turn 3, spin on turn 4, spin on turn 8 (at over 100mph!). But the car always kept on going without fail. Sunday was beautifull and we got another checker flag! Thank you Rich A. And OFF COURSE.... CREW CHIEF FRANK ALVIS!!!!
MOTUL, JOEY C, Oliver O.,,,,, I told you !!!! THANK YOU ALLLL!