Dec 26, 2010

SuperVees at Las Vegas, NV. VARA Week-end

VARA announced double points for this event, so we needed to be there. With a big storm on the way the day was cold. This track is challenging and since I have not driven it since 2006 i have to admit I was "rusty". It didn't help that its were I lost the championship in 2006 with my MG B for a mechanical problem that turned to be a battery terminal clamp! Steve Millard was fast as usual and kind (like all true champions) to share his "line" through 9-10-11. It worked as I was able to run within a second from his time. Unfortunately his engine started a knock and he did not want to risk the damage. Frank suggested we run as much as possible and test set ups. So we did and the car (or me?) got better. Because Steve's problems we had an easy win (but a win none the less...!) Las vegas also created a different ambiance as our "pit crew" seemed to be a bit...sleepy? in a time when "don't ask, don't tell" and "what's done in Vegas stays in Vegas", I couldn't even find out why the crew was late.... ; )

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