Dec 26, 2010

Willow Springs International Raceway, The Last Race of 2010

Willow Springs is located in the high desert. And just like when we came here at the beginning of the season the car would not idle well. Even with very low temp. the carburetion was off. The car would run well at above 5000 rpm, buy I could not let it go below. Steve Millard did not have luck this yr and here was the same. The weather was cold, windy, and unforgiving. But we came to race so we had to make the car better. And Frank did. Sunday race was a lot of fun and (i am told) the Motul RT 5 was on the speakers as had a great race with a Formula Continental. For a few laps we keep passing each other and I forgot how cold I was inside the car!. We finished 3 overall in the Formula Class and earn another Checkered flag. Now we lead in points. We do this for fun, but still it brings joy to all that participate to lead a championship. Look at the faces! Great racing year. Thank you MOTUL, ODYSSEY BATTERIES, SOUTHBAY TRUCK CENTER, ACEVEDO TIRES & ROAD SERVICE, Auto A Fondo Radio, and a big hug to Frank Alvis (FRANK ALVIS MOTORSPORTS)

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